We held another farm visit today, as it is our culture for #FarmFriday. It was another exciting time as we made our way to Mpape with expectations as how the farm would looking owing to the rains and last visit.

We were not disappointed as the farm glowed green from meters away. The farm caretakers and Alexijan team were on ground to receive us. The farm supervisor Mathew Zaki, went with some team members to administer Lytavite Plus Dextrose to the birds while the Farm Security, Yau Mohammed took the rest of the team round the farm showing and explaining to them the crops that are doing well, the new crops planted in the farm and the reason for planting them.

After going round the farm and administering vaccine to the birds, Alexijan Consults’ desk officer, Joy Amarachi Anyanwu, had an interactive session with the farm workers in other to get their different opinion on the farm activities, their challenges, special contribution to the growth of the farm as well as advising them on code of conduct and information management.

We brainstormed on ways to improve the performance of the farm and delegated duties to the farm staff, clearly defining what roles the farm supervisor, his assistant and the farm security will play in the daily running of the farm.

At the end of the farm visit, we were able to evaluate the progress of the farm, have fun and make future recommendations towards the effectual growth of the farm.



YFarm Team Brainstorming Session



Water Harvesting Ditch



Soya Bean 


Fluted Pumpkin

Compost Ditch                                                  

Compost Drying House

Fish Pond

Disinfectant Pool                                                           



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