Key Successes:

Since inception in April, YFarm Project has recorded huge success in the following areas:

Launch of the Project as a National Campaign, April 2, 2014:

Since the Launch of the “YFarm: My Farm, My Swag Campaign” both onsite and online, many youth have come to embrace Agriculture as a Culture, Career and a Business. Currently, we have the FBIN YFarm Campaign Page on Facebook where youth and stakeholders post updates and opportunities in agriculture. Also, we have a weekly Twitter Series for Youth in Agriculture every Wednesday from 11am – 12pm using #YFarm, @fbinaija, @fbinaija1. This twitter conference provides a knowledge sharing and networking platform for young farmers, Agropreneurs, agribusiness experts and Government. The traditional and social media campaign has reached over Five Million youth and stakeholders across the world.,

YFarm Project as a best practice at the Marketplace during the African Union Joint Conference of Ministers of Agriculture, Rural Development, Fisheries and Aquaculture, April 28th – May 2nd, 2014, Addis Ababa. Ethiopia

Partnership in the RUFIN Programme of Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, June 2014

4. YFarm Documentary of Youth in Agriculture: The Documentary was developed in August 2014 from interviews on youth-led farms and short videos submitted by youth to document their experiences, key challenges, best practices and recommendations for effective mainstreaming of youth into agriculture.

5. YFarm Annual Awards for African Youth in Agriculture:

Out of 93 award applications received from youth across Africa, 12 youth received awards for outstanding performance in agribusiness, Agropreneurship, livestock production, crop production, aquaculture, processing and packaging. Of these 12, 11 are from Nigeria while one is from Uganda. Also, two individuals and one corporate organization received the Personality Awards.

6. 1st African Youth Agric Festival hosted in Nigeria at the National Agric Show Ground Nasarawa, August 12, 2014:

Celebrating 2014 International Youth Day on the theme: ‘Youth at the Heart of Agriculture and Africa’s Development’ with support from the African Union Commission, Federal Ministry of Agriculture, among others. The 2nd Edition holds on August 12, 2015 in Ethiopia while the 1st Edition of the National Youth Agric Festival holds in Nigeria in June 2015.

7. Online Directory of African Youth in Agribusiness, Theme Song, E-Shop, Mobile App, Awards/ Marketplace/Open Mic/Red Carpet:

Launched during the 1st African Youth Agric Festival on August 12, 2014.

8. Green Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Youth and Community Volunteers celebrating 2014 International Youth Day and International Peace Day with support from Nigeria National Volunteers Service, UNDP and UNV on September 4, 2014. Galadimawa – FCT. Nigeria

9. Training on Value Addition Agriculture for Youth organized by Federal Ministry of Youth Development, UNDP and Commonwealth. Abuja. July 21, 2014

10. YFarm Training of Trainers on Agric Value Chain and Value Addition for Youth in Agribusiness. September 2014

11. Presentation of YFarm Project as a best practice at the Youth Side Event held during the Conference on Climate Change and Development in Africa (CCDA-IV) by UNECA and African Union Commission in Marakesh, Morocco. October 8 – 10, 2014

12. Youth Hub in charge of Livestreaming and Social Media during the 2014 National Agric Show organized by National Agric Foundation of Nigeria and Federal Ministry of Agriculture. Nasarawa. October 13 – 16, 2014

13. YFarm Project shared as a best practice during the 2nd African Union Private Sector and Agribusiness Forum in Rwanda, November 5-7, 2014

14. YFarm Nigeria Young Females in Agribusiness Training by UNWomen, UNDP and AUC, in Kenya. November 9 – 15, 2014:

20 Pioneer Beneficiaries of the YFarm Project joined 4 other African Countries for the Females in Agribusiness and Transformative Leadership Training by the African Union Commission, UNDP and UNWomen/ACTIL. On return from the Kenyan training, the 20 YFarm Females formed the YFarm Nigeria Females in Agribusiness Cooperative to start a food processing plant.

15. YFarm Project was among 27 Youth Nagropreneurs that benefitted from the Initial Grant under the Youth Employment in Agriculture Programme (YEAP) presented by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on January 22, 2015

16. YFarm 1st National Youth Agric Festival held at the Raw Materials Research and Development Centre, Abuja, March 16, 2015 celebrating 2015 International Women‟s Day on the theme: ‘Youth Transformative Leadership in Agribusiness – the ATA & YEAP Nexus’ endorsed by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture supported by Oxfam Nigeria, Trust Africa, AYICC and Golden Penny.


17. YFarm Sub Grant Presentation to 15 youth in Agribusiness under the YEAP Grant to establish or strengthen their agribusinesses endorsed by the Federal Ministry of Agricultureand presented in Abuja on April 14, 2015


18. YFarm Community Outreach on Agribusiness and Climate Smart Agriculture held at LEA Primary School, Mpape, Abuja on April 15, 2015


19. YFarm Nigeria Young Male and Females in Agribusiness Cooperatives participated in MASHAV Training on Women’s Economic Empowerment by Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Centre (MCTC) and UNWomen Eastern & Southern Africa Regional Office (ESARO), at the MCTC, Haifa – Israel. April 20 – May 7, 2015


20. YFarm Community Outreach on Climate Smart Agriculture and Agribusiness held at St. Martin’s Catholic Church, Lugbe, FCT on June 24, 2015


21. YFarm Bootcamp on Sustainable Agriculture for Schools and Teenagers held at Noble Hall Academy, Jabi, FCT on July 7, 2015


22. YFarm Community Outreach on Climate Smart Agriculture and Agribusiness held at Chief Palace, Kukuaba Kubwa, FCT on July 29, 2015


23. YFarm Bootcamp on Agric Value Addition and Value Chain for members of IBL Foundation, held at IBLF Farms, Kaduna State on August 27, 2015


24. YFarm Provincial Bootcamp and Festival on Agribusiness and Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) for Catholic Youth and Women held at Bishop Okoye Retreat and Conference Center, Nkpor, Onitsha. Anambra State. November 12 – 14, 2015